Breast Board

Breast Board

Panacea's IMPACT Breast Board System is designed for Breast, Lung and Thorax treatments. The sleek design of the Breast Board with adjustable armrests allows comfortable and accurate positioning of patient's breast and thorax region. Tilting ladder support has 5 degrees to 25 degrees angulation with 5 degrees increments and completely supported, easy fixation mechanism. With such perfect angulation, additional reference scaling is provided to ensure easy reproducibility. Breast Board Consists of the following parts:

  • Arm Support (R00BB17-07)
  • Wrist Supports-Left (R00BB17-05)
  • Wrist Supports-Right (R00BB17-06)
  • Bottom Rest (R00BB17-03)
  • Body Stopper (R00BB17-04)



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