Foam Wedges

Foam Wedges

Panacea's IMPACT Wedges are intended to provide the angulations and elevations required for all the cushions and supporting devices. The soft foam layer on the wedges, comforts the patient positioned on it. Panacea offers a wide range of wedges for different regions. Folowing the Different CF Wedges available:

  • 5° Foam Wedge (R00FW21-07)
  • 10° Foam Wedge (R00FW21-08)
  • 15° Foam Wedge (R00FW21-09)
  • 15° Foam Body Wedge (R00FW21-01)
  • 20° Foam Body Wedge (R00FW21-02)
  • 25° Foam Body Wedge (R00FW21-03)
  • 35° Foam Body Wedge (R00FW21-04)
  • Foam Knee Bolster (R00FW21-05)
  • Foam Rectangular Wedge (R00FW21-06)


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